In the United States, over 900 bicyclists are killed each year. What’s not shown in that figure is other life-altering injuries such as paralysis and brain damage. That is why teaching bike safety to children is so important.

It is estimated that brain injuries can be reduced up to 85% just by wearing a helmet. Matt not only talks about the importance of wearing a helmet when riding around the neighborhood, but also ways to make your helmet look cool.

Matt also covers how to approach the most dangerous place for bicycles: the intersection. Using his one-of-a-kind safety demonstration, he illustrates why you should walk your bike across the street.

Matt Wilhelm putting a helmet on a child to talk about safety.
Sizing up a helmet for a volunteer.

Key Takeaways

  • Why wearing a helmet is so important
  • An accident can happen anywhere
  • The most common places where bike accidents occur
  • The most dangerous place for a cyclist: the intersection
  • Why you should walk your bike across the street

The Long Story Short

Matt was hit by a car, but walked away with very minimal injuries. It could have been much, much worse.

Matt made a common mistake that many cyclists do: He rode his bike across the street instead of walking it. A car going in the same direction as Matt made a left hand turn, and was not expecting a cyclist to be riding across the street.

Luckily the car hit Matt’s back wheel (not him), sending him flying into the pavement. It could have been much worse. Had Matt been walking his bike across the street he could have movedĀ out of the way more easily and he would have been more visible to the motorist.

Matt demonstrates why it is so important to walk your bike across the street.

After seeing your performance my daughter made me stop and walk the bike across the street.

Parent (Received via Email)

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