More Than Just an Anti-Bullying Program

Matt Wilhelm’s elementary school assembly program is one of the most popular school assemblies in the country. He speaks and performs at over 300 different schools PER YEAR. His program is perfectly aligned with PBIS, Social-Emotional Learning, Olweus, and Second Step programs.

Matt’s elementary school program covers ALL THREE of the following topics:

  • Never Give Up / Growth Mindset
  • Bullying Prevention / Kindness
  • Resilience

More information about each topic can be found on the topics pages:

Matt Wilhelm performing at an elementary school assembly about bullying and kindness.
Matt performing a crowd favorite: “The Spiderman”

The Show

Matt Wilhelm’s school assembly program is designed to entertain, educate, and empower. He creatively mixes BMX bike tricks with his own inspiring stories of beating the odds en route to becoming a BMX National Champion.

In addition to his BMX skills, Matt is also a gifted storyteller. He is FUNNY. He is INTERESTING. He is CAPTIVATING. What makes these stories powerful is that they are from his own personal experiences.

Kids can apply his messages about respect, responsibility, and resilience to their own everyday lives.

This is not only the most exciting school assembly you will ever host, but also the one of the best messages your kids will hear as well.

His stories are truly unforgettable.

Are They Listening?

Do your students stay engaged for the entire duration of an assembly? If the kids aren’t paying attention in the first place then what’s the point? Forty-five minutes can seem like an eternity for elementary students if you have the wrong speaker or entertainer.

Kids learn more effectively when they are having fun. In order to communicate a unique message you have to communicate that message in a unique way. Matt Wilhelm’s elementary school assembly program is unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Matt will keep your students’ attention for the entire duration. His award-winning tricks are literally “award-winning.” He has won X-Games Medals, National Titles, and was a Semi-Finalist on “America’s Got Talent.” Your students will be in awe that someone from TV is putting on a live show just for them.

But Matt isn’t visiting your school just to put on a show. The real reason he is there is to tell his story. His message is delivered in a way that elementary school students can understand, digest, and apply to their own lives.

Your students, teachers, and principal will all say, “This was the best assembly ever.” Why? Because it entertains, educates, and empowers students. It works on ALL levels.

Hi Matt I'm Chloe from Clinton Massie Elementary. I'm so happy!! because today when you came to my school and told your story of what happened when you were a kid. Now the 5th grade halls have less bullying... Now no one is bullying me because you gave your story. God bless you. You are my hero.

Chloe - 5th Grade Student (Received via Facebook)
I just want to thank you again so much for coming to Graham and talking to our students about the VERY important topic of bullying! It was such an amazing performance! Not only are you amazing on your bike, but the words you speak and how you connected to everyone in the room was truly amazing!

I loved every minute of it, and nearly every teacher has approached me saying what a wonderful assembly that was! Thank you so much, and I can't express enough how important it is to talk to young children about this topic and you definitely have the gift for it! Thanks again!!!
Noelle K. - PTA President, Graham Elementary (Received via Email)

Matt Wilhelm speaking about kindness and respect at an elementary school assembly.
Lots of laughter means the message is getting through

Show Details

The show runs about 45-minutes in duration. Sometimes it is a good idea to split elementary school groups into primary and intermediate grades. Splitting up the school isn’t necessary, but Matt can go a little bit deeper with the message for the older students.

Matt Wilhelm provides his own sound equipment, microphone, table, and everything necessary for a show.

The only requirements are access to electricity and at least 25×50 feet of performance space (hard, flat surface such as gymnasium, concrete, parking lot, or asphalt). Matt Wilhelm’s school assembly program is fully insured and carries a $2,000,000 general commercial liability policy.

Matt’s bike is safe for your gym floor. He has special non-marking tires and has performed halftime for the Chicago Bulls, Utah Jazz, Philadelphia 76ers, and many other NBA and NCAA teams. His bike meets their strict requirements for what they allow on the floors.

Shows can be performed inside or outside. Indoor venues are usually preferred as they provide a more focused learning environment.  Matt Wilhelm is based in the Chicago suburb of Naperville, Illinois, but he travels frequently.

Follow Up Materials – Hero Inside

Matt Wilhelm’s school assembly program also includes Hero Inside, a FREE video series and discussion guide for teachers to use in the classroom.

Matt’s program is meant to last longer than just 45-minutes.  The messages and lessons can last a lifetime and can improve student behavior and school culture.

Students are constantly told to stand up for one another, but they are often not told how.  Many anti-bullying programs don’t address the fears that students may have when standing up for someone.

Hero inside helps students overcome their fears of standing up for others.  It gets to the heart of why students are bystanders, builds courage, and give concrete strategies and actions to stop a bullying situation.

Each Hero Inside lesson includes a short 3-5 minute video, key points, and discussion questions / role playing scenarios. Here is some additional information about Hero Inside:

  • Grade level specific
  • Strategies on how to safely speak up in a bullying situation
  • Role playing situations
  • Shows what bullying looks like
  • Builds courage
  • Gets to the heart of why students are bystanders
  • Gets students to overcome their fears of speaking up
  • Gives concrete actions on how to stop a bullying situation
 This can be a very effective tool for teachers to use and amplify Matt’s message.

Watch Matt’s School Assembly Preview

Google Reviews

Raul Gaston
Raul Gaston
18:55 10 Dec 17
It's a challenge to find presenters for middle school students who can do a great job. Matt is the full package!!! His messages of anti-bullying and never quitting are delivered in a way that middle school students are able to easily relate. The BMX tricks are simply amazing and Matt's humor retains students engagement at all times. Of high value are the follow-up lessons that Matt has designed to help teachers and students continue the conversations after the assembly in the classroom. I highly recommend Matt to your school for an inspirational and engaging presentation!Raul Gaston, PrincipalJefferson Middle School, Villa Park, more
Bill Vala
Bill Vala
13:26 05 Dec 17
We recently hired Matt for our Indian Guides Christmas party and the show was perfect. A mix of humor, phenomenal bmx tricks and inspirational messages for the kids. Matt is very good at what he does and he has the ability to get the kids to listen. He gave out free t-shirts and posters and the kids really enjoyed the show. I would highly recommend him for school events and private more
Kevin Dunn
Kevin Dunn
19:21 28 Nov 17
We've had Matt at our school for six consecutive years. His message, coupled with his BMX show, provide an enriching experience for all students. He understands the developmental stages of his audience and adjusts his message accordingly. His stories and insight on hard work, persevering through learning new and challenging things/skills and being an everyday hero resonates with students. Matt has even taken the next step by providing videos and discussion points to be viewed after his shows that are good resources for morning meetings/classroom discussions related to bullying and friendship. Students love his show, which is why we will continue to have him back!read more
Noelle Yeager
Noelle Yeager
21:45 16 Nov 17
Matt’s program is engaging, fast-paced and filled with life lessons students can relate to. He is a dynamic speaker and entertainer that keeps students as well as adults wondering what story he is going to share and what message he is going to bring next. Students learn powerful lessons that they can talk about after the show is over, and that are much needed in today’s world. Matt is a Hero and role model that students look up more
Rebecca Ramana
Rebecca Ramana
21:20 02 Nov 17
Matt's was THE BEST assembly we have ever had at our school! His performance was entertaining and his message inspiring. He tailored his talk specifically for the younger vs older kids at our school. He was also very pleasant and easy to work with, brought and set up all of his own equipment and followed up with us after the show with suggested classroom activities to drive home his message. We will definitely be looking to bring Matt back in the more
Brandon Todd
Brandon Todd
14:54 01 Nov 17
Matt Wilhelm provided a positive message to our students while also entertaining them with amazing tricks. His personal stories of how he never gave up on his dreams tied directly into conversations that we have been sharing with our elementary students about "grit" and how they can show tenacity, perseverance, and determination everyday. I would highly suggest his assembly if you are looking for a way to kick off character education or a spirit week at your school. His high energy performance kept our students engaged and excited for a full more
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